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Membership Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to our Membership Contest Winners!Winners will receive official notice with details via e-mail. Thank you to all Archangel Diamond members! Let's keep supporting exist†trace!- Autographed drum head - Marine R. (France)- Autographed World Maker poster - Daniela K. (Germany)- Autographed 2015 calendar - Abigail T. (USA)- Spiral Daisakusen CD + T-Shirt combo - Fernando [...]

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2015-2016 Membership Contest!

2015-2016 Membership Contest!Sign-up for 2015-2016 Archangel Diamond membership and you'll be automatically entered in our special autographed prize drawing! - Autographed drum head (used by Mally in the exist†trace one-man live show!)- Autographed World Maker poster- Autographed 2015 calendarEligibility:Must purchase 2015-2016 membership between April 19, 2015 - June 19, 2015 to be entered in the [...]

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Thank you for playing exist†trace Twitter Trivia!

Thank you everyone for playing exist†trace Twitter Trivia!(Our winner answered all question less than 30 seconds!)- Were any of you surprised by the questions and answers?Today's questions:[Q1:Jyou] How is "Jyou" written in Japanese? 1) ジョウ 2) ヅョウ 3) ゾョウ[Q2:miko] Which exist†trace music video ends with the band playing in a field of grass?[Q3:Omi] Which animal [...]

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exist†trace Twitter Trivia returns Feb. 21!

Archangel Diamond Twitter Trivia returns this Saturday!February 21 - 12:00pm USA ET†This month's questions were chosen by the exist†trace members themselves, plus we have a special autographed prize!We'll ask 5 exist†trace trivia questions on our Twitter account (https://twitter.com/SwordOfAngels), and the first person to post the correct answers will win a special prize! Watch our Twitter [...]

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New exist†trace goods available now!

New photo sets plus exclusive posters now available for pre-order!- 2015 Poster Calendar- WORLD MAKER release poster- Archive Photo Sets D & K (first time back in print!)- WORLD MAKER red wristband

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FAN CLUB Q&A VIDEO!Part 1 released! (The members had so much fun that the video stretched to over 20 minutes, so we'll release it this month in 2 parts.)Archangel Diamond members will receive the private link to view it first, and then we'll make it public a few days later.We had lots of great questions [...]

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​exist†trace miko with "Spiral Daisakusen" T-Shirt!

exist†trace miko looks great in her "Spiral Daisakusen" T-Shirt!Fan-club only item for overseas sales! Get yours today at Archangel Diamond!http://archangel-diamond.com/

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​exist†trace members show their Archangel Diamond membership cards!

exist†trace members Jyou, miko, Omi, Mally, and Naoto show us their Archangel Diamond membership cards! Have you shown us yours?Get yours at Archangel Diamond!http://archangel-diamond.com/

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​exist†trace - WORLD MAKER (Review)

"Listeners looking for the harder side of exist†trace will get a replay-ready gift in the hard-driving track “RAZE" with excellent guitar work from Omi and miko, Jyou’s delicious lower-register growls, and a nuclear-powered bass and drum groove from Mally and Naoto."http://jrock247.com/2014/09/exist-trace-world-maker-review/

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exist†trace promotion for WORLD MAKER

Have you reserved your copy of WORLD MAKER yet? Fan club members get a special price + free bonus photo card!

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