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exist†trace Twitter Trivia winners!


Thanks to everyone who tuned in for exist†trace Twitter Trivia today!

Q1<Jyou>: In the group image on the top page of exist†trace OFFICIAL Web Site, Jyou has a finger of which hand in her pocket?

A: Right hand

Q2<miko>: In the last song on the latest mini album "THIS IS NOW," "BLAST," the members shout, "BLAST YOUR [blank]"? Fill in the blank.


Q3<Omi>: In the mini album "THIS IS NOW," what is the title of the song with lyrics and music by Omi?

A: "Shout Out"

Q4<Naoto>: In the artist photo for "THIS IS NOW," and in the music video of "DREAM RIDER," what symbol is on Naoto's necklace?

A: Crescent moon (or Moon)

Q5<Mally>: In the latest music video "DREAM RIDER," what 2 colors is the drum set Mally is using?

A: Green & Blue

Q6<AD Staff>: For the 7/28 Video Clipper broadcast, what was the final song of the set list?

A: Voicehttps://www.facebook.com/ArchangelDiamond/posts/827812874020352

Q7<AD Staff>: Which member's image is on the "obi" (CD spine paper strip) for THIS IS NOW?

A: Naoto

Congratulations to our prize winners!
1st place @Faerthingale - Limited edition cap + $25 gift certificate
2nd place @LiisiJaapanis - Limited edition cap + $15 gift certificate
3rd place @CasReadman - $10 gift certificate

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